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Left to right: Ron Bloom, Carol Schryver-Bloom, Paul Marshall

Our new CD is finally here!

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Kernevin is a phonetic spelling of the Welsh word, cynefin, meaning a place, or place in time, real, or imagined, where you intuitively feel you belong.

MacMammal News:

August 1, 2021: Good news, MacMammals Fans! Our new CD, Kernevin (Gaelic: Cynefin), is now complete and in stock. It includes several original songs and some old favorites. it features guest artists Cindy Mangsen, David Brewer (of Molly's Revenge), Sofia Chiavini, and Paul Lacques. If you enjoyed our first CD, you are sure to enjoy Kernevin even more! 

October, 2018: We have found "The Missing Link:" We were successful in acquiring a photo with Tom Campbell, who co-authored "Darcy Farrow," which we covered on our CD, "Keeping Up With the Heard." We met Tom at the Far West Folk Alliance Conference on Oct. 6, 2018. The photo was added to our Songwriters Gallery and completes our collection of our CD songwriters.

Tom Campbell & The MacMammals.jpg

L to R: Ron Bloom, Tom Campbell, Carol Schryver-Bloom

October, 2016: The MacMammals have been officially appointed the new concert coordinators for The Living Tradition Concert Series in Anaheim, California effective Jan 1, 2017. We are looking forward to the opportunity to support live traditional music and bringing quality music events to Southern California.

February, 2016: We returned on Feb 13th, refreshed, from our twelve day journey through Costa Rica. Our performances were very well received at "Monkey La La," and "Pura Vida." We can't wait to go back!


On Feb 20, 2016, we ran into Steve Gillette. Among other songs, Steve co-wrote "Darcy Farrow," which was recorded by John Denver and The MacMammals. Steve was kind enough to give us permission to use his song. We have since added a "Songwriters Gallery" to our web site. Check it out.

L to R: Steve Gillette, Ron Bloom, Carol Schryver-Bloom. Taken at Anaheim Civic Center Feb 20, 2016.

We had the opportunity to meet Scottish singer/songwriter/poet Dougie MacLean on Oct. 8, 2016 at the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We invited him to perform at The Living Tradition concert series in Anaheim, CA. He's a real nice guy and put us in touch with his people. We'll see what we can work out.

L to R: Ron Bloom, Dougie MacLean, Carol Schryver-Bloom on Oct. 7, 2016 at the Celtic Colours International Festival, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

June, 2016: The Macs returned from England and Wales last June after having some "down time" and doing some musical research. Two weeks were spent in the "slow lane" aboard a narrowboat along the Lancaster Canal, where we refined our musical skills...and seranaded cows along the embankment. The trip culminated with attendance at a Kate Rusby concert and meeting our musical heroine after the show.

L to R: Ron Bloom, Carol Schryver-Bloom, Kate Rusby at The Lyceum Theatre, Crewe, England, May 28, 2016.

We really enjoyed performing with Mike Mullins at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in January. Mike is the author or "Rhode Island Bride," a song we recorded on our CD. We actually had our first opportunity to perform it with Mike. Wow, can he play that mando!

L to R: Ron Bloom, Mike Mullins, Carol Schryver-Bloom, Paul Marshall. Taken at The Coffee Gallery BAckstaage on Jan 30, 2016.

July, 2015: The Macs were thrilled to have had our CD reviewed by Jackie Morris and published in the June, 2015 edition of FolkWorks magazine ( A copy can be accessed via the green button above, or via the "more" drop-down menu at the top of the page.